Data Insights in Trucking Industry: How to Make Sense of It.

Alexandra F.

We have a lot of data insight and analytics at our fingertips today with technology platforms that collect and organize it for various industries. Though we have more data readily available to us today, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to process and understand. Numbers are still numbers at the end of the day, and if we don’t find a way to assign them meaning, they are unfortunately wasted.

It’s important that we shift our focus to making sense of the invaluable data we are able to gather, particularly with the Transportation and Trucking industry today. By having information on current dispatched loads, delivery metrics, driver messages, assets in emergency, and so much more, transportation carriers are able to assess situations, make constructive changes, and pursue more efficient and reliable methods for the transportation oversight.

Compare Customers Report.

You can compare multiple customers revenue to predict which customer will increase demand so you can focus on

In order to make sense of all of this information we are able to provide through GADiiD, it’s going to require carrier entities to make structural changes and place more emphasis on the data we provide them through our platform over their intuition.

We had an LTL customer that consumed our resources with detention and appointment changes. After, running the customer analytic report (very intuitive), we realized at the end of the day we’re losing money regardless of how much detention we charged.

By using GADiiD, partners will be provided with data insight and analytics instead of simple data entry. Benefits of this kind of partnership include:

  • Real-time information for making on-the-go decisions about shipments and drivers
  • Humanly readable charts that make sense of the millions of numbers often lost in the void
  • All-in-one solution where data analysis from every component of the carrier industry is available on one consolidated platform
  • Access to the processed data anytime, from anywhere
  • Tracking abilities to stay ahead of the game with regards to unforeseen changes

GADiiD Compare Asset Revenue Report .

Compare 10 different trucks to make sense of which truck is making money on a given period

Data analytics, the process of analyzing data to gain insights and create recommendations, relies on expert high-quality software programs and skilled interpretation. Instead of just “reporting” the numbers to clients, GADiiD goes one step further and makes sense of the numbers.

GaDiiD wants to stress that our central focus is to make the entire carrier process easier and more streamlined for everyone involved. Instead of just simply providing the numbers, like most competitors do, GADiiD crunches the number and lays it out in a easy-to-read format so all partners can easily study monthly and yearly trends and findings for making accurate predictions down the line.

With GaDiiD, participating companies will not need to gather and process data on their own anymore. They will be provided with the expertly positioned data analysis by GADiiD, and will be able to make real-time decisions based on the findings. The only thing they will need to worry about is shifting their operations to place more emphasis on the statistical presentations, and less on the “gut” feelings they were used to relying on.

Analytics are the future of our world and how we operate today. Processing and making sense of big data is how we are going to make advancements, alter industries, and incorporate new practices. It’s important to partner with a company today that focuses on data interpretation instead of simple reporting.

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