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Evaluating a New Trucking Management Software (TMS): 5 Things to Consider

Alexandra F.

Digital and technology integration are playing a huge role in how we communicate, work, and complete jobs around the world today. One industry that is behind on these digital and mobile developments is the American Trucking industry. Outdated software, faulty communication networks, and archaic Transportation Management Systems are still how so many truckers coordinate their shipments from point A to point B.

With the technology tools and resources at our fingertips today, it just doesn’t make sense to go about shipments the old-fashioned away.

When evaluating a trucking logistics platform in the future, here is a list of 5 things to consider:

All-in-on trucking software application that can effortlessly manage your asset, employees, customers, shippers, consignees, operations, safety and compliance with integrated accounting

so you can focus on your customers – fulltime

  1. Platform Consolidation 

Is everything consolidated in one singular platform?

There are lot of different logistics at play in the overall Trucking industry. From asset management and dispatching and load entry, to safety and compliance, it can be a lot to keep track of. When considering new TMS, you want to make a commitment to a singularly consolidated platform that harnesses mobile app technology and uses a cloud for information back up. That way, no important information or paperwork will ever get lost again.

We have implemented GADiiD on October 2014. We have stopped using Quick books, Excel, Drop box, Dispatching & Brokerage software, drive axle app, IFTA program and we use less email as a result of having everything in one place.

  1. Mobile App Compliance 

Does the software come with an all-in-one mobile app?

Don’t settle for opening and closing Internet tabs every single time you need information on a shipment or trucking route. Mobile apps are the most ingenious way to consolidate a ton of information in one easy-to-access portal, right from your phone. Apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and house every kind of important document, from payroll statements, to shipment maps.

On the other side of the trucking equation, apps can be used to reinvent the check-in process from a supplier’s point of view, and provide a real-time tracking system for round-the-clock communication between all drivers and shippers.

  1. Cloud Software Compatibility 

Does the software back up to a cloud server? 

The cloud is where it’s at today. Remember a time when people needed to physically file papers for retrieval at a later date? A digital “cloud” is one singular server that can back all of your logistics information up right to one platform and an accompanying app. That way, everything you could ever need, in real-time, is available to you through any digital channel.

Reliablity of criticle business data must be the first thing you should think about.

  1. Real-Time Information 

Can all information be retrieved instantly? 

Nothing is more convenient and productive than being able to provide real-time Trucking information to all parties involved in the shipment. In order to keep everyone happy, having access to real-time information at any given point in a shipment, like miles covered, miles to go, fuel costs, upcoming completions, and more, will ensure total oversight for peace of mind.

  1. Quick Transition Period 

Do you have to go through archaic software setup to get things rolling? 

Most of the software competition today clutches to the old ways of software management – the executable software ways. This structure requires an extensive setup, training, and implementation timeline to get things running semi-smoothly. Since it comes with no cloud consolidation or mobile app accessing, it becomes a very slow transition period that never seems to really end. It’s worth considering a selection that prioritizes the transition in a streamlined and convenient process. It makes the entire ordeal more pleasant for everyone involved.

At GADIID, we’re passionate about providing platform consolidation, mobile app compliance, cloud software compatibility, real-time information, and a quick transition period to our clientele. We also understand that everyone needs to get in a little test drive before they make a final decision. We offer a 14-day trial period for everyone to experience our load entry functions, receivables and payables accounting feature, load settlements function, expenses and payroll management, safety and compliance, employee and drivers documents, asset management, and more. There is no commitment and no setup fee required.

We’re happy to walk you through our GADIID product and get you started with our mobile compliant, fully integrated, cloud-based trucking software today. Make a commitment for technology convenience and versatility moving forward. GADIID can get you there.

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Evaluating a New Trucking Management Software (TMS): 5 Things to Consider


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